Here’s what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about me/my work:

Pat Whitman, Business Manager, Organics “By Gosh,” Austin, TX (May 2018)

“Our company content writer left in fall of 2017. We needed someone to pick up the slack and Maude stepped right in to do just that. Responsive, creative and attentive to detail, she has written blog posts and short radio scripts that effectively highlight our brand, products and company mission. And she’s fast, too. Thanks, Maude, for making our products shine!”

Vi Nguyen, CEO, Homads, Austin, TX (March 2018)

“Maude makes my life easier. She has written blogs for our company for the last several months. Not only can I look forward to her work being turned in on time, the quality of her work is really on point. She’s able to bring in a lot of value in her writing and is very self motivated.”

Mostafa Shahat, Account Manager, Homads, Austin, TX (February 2018)

We are very grateful to have Maude on board as our blog writer.  Ever since she joined us in January, our company blog has really stood out. Maude is a creative, highly experienced writer with a unique writing style. She is always proactive and  always suggests ideas to improve the blog content. I cannot recommend Maude enough!”

Julie Wickert, Business Writer & Owner, True Story Communication, Austin, TX (December 2017):

“With a lively writing style and an extraordinary work ethic, Maude Adjarian is an excellent choice as a go-to resource for ongoing writing assignments. As an accomplished academic, Maude brings strong research skills and a broad perspective to her work on behalf of clients.”

Lucille Lang Day, Author & Publisher, Scarlet Tanager Books, Oakland, CA (October 2017):

“I have known Maude for five years and have read her literary criticism, reviews, personal essays, and poetry. She is a perceptive critic, and her own creative writing is of the highest quality. We have exchanged manuscripts for each other’s feedback since 2012, and she has always responded quickly with helpful, detailed comments and insights on my work. She is organized, responsible, responsive, and overflowing with superb ideas.”

Nancy Wozny, Editor-in-Chief, Arts + Culture Texas, Houston, TX (September 2017):

“The art show reviews and artist interviews Maude wrote for Arts + Culture Texas during the time she worked with us from 2010 to 2014 were just lovely: intelligent, insightful, well-written and always on point. She is a true professional!”

Al Anthony, Content Manager/CEO, Target Public Marketing, Alberta, CA (March 2017):

“Maude has been doing contract writing for this company for almost six years. She has our implicit trust to turn out high quality and professional marketing articles for a wide-range of clients and topics ranging from irrigation repair to pet problems to property management. I rarely have to make an edit, which saves me a tremendous amount of time. In late January, for example, we had a rush order of close to 20 articles in one week, which she diligently wrote. So, I also count her as extremely reliable as she gets the job done on our timeline.”

Ronda Jordan, Director of Business Development, Target Public Marking, Dallas, TX (March 2017):

“Maude has been our main go-to writer at Target Public Marketing since we met in 2010.  As a published writer, she knows what it takes to produce articles that best represent the company’s brand and “voice.”  Maude takes the time to research the subject and, at times, interview the client to produce the well thought out articles that showcase the subject and brand.  Maude takes great pride in her work, is reliable and personable: we couldn’t be more pleased.”

Eric Liebetrau, Managing & Non-Fiction Editor, Kirkus Reviews, Mount Pleasant, SC  (April 2012):

“I have employed Maude as a freelance book reviewer since August of 2010, and her work has consistently demonstrated professionalism, diligence and attention to detail. Maude is flexible in her ability to take on a variety of assignments, and she understands the importance of deadlines and maintaining the proud editorial tradition of Kirkus. I would recommend her as both a reviewer and content writer.”

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