Who-I-am-(smallified)Words to Say It is a firm dedicated to making writing work for people and companies. Our goal is to enhance online presentation and maximize client exposure through search engine optimization (SEO). We also use words to transform business manuals, proposals and reports into reading material that is as clear and precise as it is accessible.

Principal M. M. Adjarian came to business writing indirectly, through education and journalism. Her first published work included research articles and book reviews for academic journals and online outlets. A desire to reach and influence a broader audience eventually led her to experiment with other forms of writing, including journalism and literary non-fiction.

Key to what she does is a passion for words: their power to move audiences, and above all, storytelling. Everyone loves a story; and people not only want but demand them so they can learn about products and services. In a business environment dependent on words (and images) to reach clients, companies need to tell the right stories at the right time to build and maintain the brand recognition that leads to success.