4 Reasons Why Twitter is Good for Mobile Marketing


Cell phones and tablets aren’t just for consumers. They’re also powerful tools for businesses seeking clients on social media.

And especially Twitter.

In fact when you think about it, it’s like the two were made for each other.

Consider these December 2017 statistics about Twitter from Brandwatch.com:

  • 330 million monthly active users are on the site
  • the average user follows five businesses
  • 80% have mentioned brands in their tweets

And most significantly of all:

  • 80% access the site via mobile devices

But some business owners hesitate to invest energy into even the most minimal daily interactions on that platform.

If you’re one of them — and especially if you own a mobile device — then here’s why you may want to rethink that strategy.

Reason #1: Visibility

What makes Twitter stand out from other social media platforms is that almost every conversation is open — including ones users may be having with your competitors.

This kind of visibility is useful for what it can tell you about potential clients. From what they tweet and the information posted in their profiles, you can get insight into:

  • who the members of your target audience really are
  • their needs and wants
  • their pain points
  • how you can best serve them

Conversely, dialogue visibility can help prospects who find you on Twitter through your @name or any #hashtags you might use.

Tweets make you more findable on the Internet. If someone Googles your name or business, they can see your latest tweets.

Reason #2: Ease of communication

Mobile devices are on 24/7. So is Twitter.

No matter where you are and what time it is, you can quickly and easily tell your audience — most of whom also have mobile devices — about on your business.

Or about the products/services you offer.

Statistics  show that of the Twitter users who do follow a brand, 74% do it to get updates. And that 47% of these users are more likely to visit your company website.

That makes Twitter great for all kinds of promotional activities including:

  • marketing campaigns
  • educational content postings
  • opinion polls
  • company/team stories
  • discounts/special offers

You’re also free to experiment with content types to see what gets the most (and most positive) response from your audience. Asking for feedback is also an excellent strategy.

Over time, you can get a better feel for exactly how your business can help prospects, even when you are not at your computer.

Because you never know where or when inspiration might strike.

Reason #3: Real-time convos

Many social media platforms allow you to talk to other users. Facebook, for example, has the Messenger app, which allows you to connect to other Facebook users.

But Twitter is unique. Its 240-character count restriction force tweeters to pack as much information as possible into short word (or word and image) bursts.

This makes it much more “in-the-moment real time” than most other sites. It also offers many different ways to converse, and in real time.

There’s the reply function that allows Twitter users to respond to your tweets. It’s both private and public in that whatever you say to another user will also be visible to others.

And there’s Twitter chat.

You and others “meet up” on Twitter at a designated time and in the feed for a hashtag associated with your business (mine is #WordstoSayIt) and send tweets that the group can see.

Twitter chat is especially useful to connect with others of like mind…and show your engagement with issues important to your brand.

There’s also Direct Message (DM),which is private.

Depending on how you want to interact with your prospects and for what purpose, all three of these functions can bring huge benefits to your company.

Twitter, unlike email, is about immediacy of contact. In the digital age, consumers not only want immediate responses. They also expect it.

And when you’re building a brand, nurturing connection from the moment it happens is hugely important.

Reason #4: Website traffic generation

Twitter can also be a huge help when you’re looking to generate more traffic to your company website.

If you’re just starting your Twitter account, put a link directly to your website in your bio. Links to company blog posts or other sources of useful information — which you can embed into your tweets —will also help.

But watch out.

As with everything social media, the name of the game is consistency and reliability.

If you tweet once a day, that’s better than nothing. Don’t expect much, though. Approximately 6,000 tweets get sent per minute every day on Twitter.

Sharing engaging content is great. But with a mobile device, you can easily retweet that content several times during the first few days it appears…which increases your chances of being seen by potential clients.

Good content positions you as a committed and trustworthy source of information. That trust in turn paves the way for Twitter users to go from prospects to active buyers.

According to Shopfy.com, this is especially true if your business deals in/caters to any one of these niches:

  • home and office furnishings
  • home and garden
  • gifts and specialties

Mobile devices and Twitter are a match made in marketing heaven. By pairing the ubiquity and ease-of-use mobile devices offer with Twitter’s immediacy, you can help your business stay top-of-mind with prospects and clients like never before.


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