5 Tips to Get Your Blogger’s Groove Back

YoImage - Blog Post #9u’re pumped. You’ve finally got your company blog running and put up a few — or maybe even more than a few — amazing posts.

Then you hit a wall.

You just can’t seem to come up with anything new to say. And the topics you do come up with? They sound as appetizing as last week’s reheated leftovers.

Before you completely lose it, consider these questions: are you tired or putting too much pressure on yourself? Are distractions in your life eating away at your focus?

According to Psychology Today blogger Susan Reynolds, no matter how busy your life is, you absolutely have to carve out time to relax and recharge those mental (and physical) batteries.

She also suggests that dealing with your major stressors first is actually more productive than trying to do everything — including writing — all at once.

Once you’re done and back to blogging, that wall may not seem so daunting.

It may even vanish altogether.

If you’re still having trouble with what to write about next, here are five reminders of  what you can do to jump right back into the blogging groove.

Update dones

Maybe you’ve just become a sponsor for a local Habitat for Humanity project. Or launched a new promotion at your hair and nail salon. Or made plans to attend a professional conference, even if it’s happening outside glamour zones like New York or LA.

Don’t keep the good news all to yourself.

Your readers want to know that you’re out in the world, doing and achieving. So tell them about it.

Get human

The personal side of your business offers great material for blog posts.

If you’re on your own, how do you manage to meet the demands of clients and have a personal life, complete with partner, kids, and PTA meetings? What do you struggle with, what are your successes?

And if you own a company, introduce the people — from the business partner who never miss her Tuesday night tango lessons to the cool-headed receptionist who always knows what to do in a crisis — behind your firm’s success.

People love to read about other people, especially if they’re interested in what those individuals can do for them.

Think trend

Your business — or the industry that business is part of — is affected by social, cultural or economic trends. If you’re a real estate agent, for example, what do increasing interest rates mean for clients who want to buy a home?

Maybe you’re a caterer who specializes in gluten-free cuisine. Looking at healthy eating trends could yield blog topics that help demonstrate just how your business is relevant to people, here and now.

Doing occasional pieces like this tells an audience that you stay on top of currents. That marks you as someone who’s wide awake and aware.

Offer tips

You have knowledge that can make the lives of your audience better, more fulfilling or more productive. So share it.

If you’re a wedding planner, what advice could you give brides to help them avoid the jangled nerves that go along with prepping for that long walk down the aisle? If you’re professional organizer, what step-by-step guides could you offer prospective clients so they can create more order in the spaces where they live or work?

A willingness to offer expert advice shows you want to help and scores major points.

Show fellowship

Maybe your business is working alongside a local non-profit or supporting some community initiative. Blog posts about service projects are excellent ways to build audience trust.

Let’s say you’re a pet shop retailer or vet. You could write about that fundraiser at your local Bassett hound rescue society. Or introduce your readers to a few special cats from the community animal shelter that need forever homes.

The most important thing to remember when you hit a wall is that a rested mind is an inspired mind. And when you’ve got the inspiration, there’s no barrier you can’t overcome.

You’ve got this. Really!


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