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Words to Say It (1st choice)

It’s only natural to want to grow. And as a business owner just starting out or a more established one seeking clients beyond a specific geographical area, you’re no different. You have a dream to expand and be everything you want to be.

BUT (and it’s a big one): you just don’t have the time.

You’re too busy hustling or taking care of the business you have to focus on effectively marketing your firm online. And that’s a serious problem because the online world has become the go-to place for consumers.

So you compromise and either create content you’re not happy with or go without. BUT (here we go again) to grow, companies – especially small ones – need to take full advantage of what has become an internet-driven businesses environment.

Meanwhile, your frustration mounts. You could do and be so much more…if only more people OUTSIDE of where you live knew more about who you are and how your company can help them.

It’s a conundrum. How do you help your business expand AND give yourself the time you need to do all the million-and-one things that come with running a business?

You’ve come to the right place. My name is Maude and I’m a business owner, too. BUT (hold on, I promise this one is good) my passion is making words work hard for hard-working people like you.

Do you need:

a blog for your company that refines your brand and gets you noticed by new clients online?

 writing for your website pages that showcases the people, products and services that make your business unique?

content for your social media sites that highlights your business and builds your audience?

articles for company newsletters help build a following of engaged clients?

documents – such as manuals, reports and proposals – that are clear and easy-to-read?

training in the art of storytelling for business success?


Your dream to get your business/brand noticed and grow can become real. Check out my  professional blog here on WTSI for tips on energizing business communication and enhancing the creativity that leads to expansion.

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